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At Sales Impact our sole purpose is to help you get more clients and more consistent revenue without having to resort to pushy or manipulative sales tactics.

We help you to create clear, easy to follow sales processes that create consistent growth and predictable cashflow, month in month out.

A common challenge…

The challenge for many business owners is that you know and love what you do but you aren’t sure how to or where to find new customers.

Sometimes it can be the case that the leads you do get are shopping around and all they want to find out is how much you cost and if who has the cheapest option.

They just don’t value the service you provide.

If you have a sales team, they may not be performing at the standard you expect, you aren’t sure if they are hitting their targets or how many sales they are missing.

You know they are good at what they do but don’t have a system to follow to consistently find and convert new leads into customers.

Are you competing on price?

Many business owners tell us that their competitors always win clients because they are cheaper/bigger/faster and they think if they drop their prices maybe they will have a shot.

We understand completely as we have dealt with thousands in the same situation, it can be so frustrating.

The thing is, if you are the best at what you do, you should never compete on price.

You should never have to rely on manipulation, overcoming objections, or dare we mention it cold calling.

Do you want more predictability in your business?

Over the past 20 years we have trained thousands of business owners and salespeople to grow their businesses through creating a simple easy to follow sales process.

What we have found is that it creates confidence that you know you are doing everything you can to grow your business, and you can plan ahead knowing you have a full pipeline of potential work.

If you would like to know more about how we can create a plan for you that will give you more consistent cash flow, more clients and more consistency in your business…

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Our Team

Hayden Burgess Director Sales Impact

Hayden Burgess


My passion is helping our clients to gain confidence in their ability to sell, but not sell how most people think of selling.

The way I see selling is communicating the value you provide with prospective customers who could benefit from working with you.

My philosophy is that sales is all about adding value to your customers, in this sense you should never feel pressure to give someone something they don’t need.

I come from a non-salesy, non corporate background of the arts so the way I approach working with clients is organic and non pressurised. 

I want to empower my clients by giving them the tools to get out in front of their potential customers and realising that selling is just about providing the right solution to the right customer at the right time.

I studied at Victoria University completing a BA in English Literature, and any non business time is spent painting, meditating, reading and hanging out with my young family. 

Brett Burgess Sales Impact Hawke's Bay

Brett Burgess

Sales Impact Hawkes Bay

I’ve been a coach and consultant since 1996 when I worked with US based Leadership Management International.

In 2003 I started Sales Impact because I realised that there were so many businesses out there who had amazing products but didn’t have consistent and predictable revenue.

I saw a gap in the market for a more modern style of sales training that was client centric and non manipulative.

My philosophy is that if you are the best at what you do, you must learn how to sell, otherwise your customers will buy from someone else and get an inferior solution.

I help my clients gain confidence and understanding around sales,I want to challenge them to change their business for the better so they can move forward with clarity and confidence.

In my spare time I am an avid horse trekker so you might see me riding around the ranges and bush surrounding Hawkes Bay. I also love to spend time with my wife, children and grandchildren.

Jeff Cruickshank Sales Impact Manawatu

Jeff Cruickshank

Sales Impact Manawatu

Based in Palmerston North, I have an extensive knowledge of business management, covering all areas of business, from sales targets and budgets, strategic business planning, and all things related to getting the best out of your team.

With my understanding of exceptional levels of service, I specialize in both the B2B as well as the B2C businesses. Great businesses need great teams and I am here to help your business be the best to achieve above industry standards to separate you from the rest.

The results speak for themselves, sales teams selling  with confidence and a complete understanding of the sales process, higher closing ratios and higher sales for the business.

Married with 3 children, when not focused on increasing your business, I love to spend time with my family and contribute myself to helping local swimming club Ice Breaker Aquatics.

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Sales Impact specialises in sales systems and process training for business owners and salespeople across New Zealand.

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