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“What we can measure we can manage” and “What gets measured gets improved”

Target Audience:

Smaller companies who cannot justify the expense of a Sales Manager but have a sales force that needs up-skilling and coaching.


A key issue for many smaller business owners we work with is time to manage and monitor their sales team and themselves.

Many businesses simply cannot afford the cost of employing a sales manager and so rely on their salespeople to manage themselves with the odd “sales meeting” fitted in when time allows.

We have two goals in business:

  • firstly to retain existing clients
  • and secondly attain new clients through proactive sales.
To achieve these we need to be constantly refining and improving our sales skills and systems.

Our Solution:

We offer our clients a complete Sales Coaching program which encompasses everything from creating sales reporting systems to running weekly sales meetings.

Our new coaching program holds your sales person or team accountable so they will produce consistent and measurable results for your business.

Our goal is to improve sales in our client’s business through refining and improving their sales systems and their salespeople.

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Sales Impact specialises in sales systems and process training for business owners and salespeople across New Zealand.

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