Why Sales Training?

A system is defined as –
“a method or a plan, an established way of doing something recorded in writing”.
Whereas to improvise is –
“to perform or make quickly from materials and sources available, without previous planning”.

If you are considering sales training for yourself or your team, here are a few key questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do you have a system for working new leads?
  2. Do you have a system for making appointments over the phone?
  3. Do you have a system for qualifying your prospects?
  4. Do you have a system for quantifying your prospect’s pain?
  5. Do you have a system for presenting your products/services as solutions?
  6. Do you have a system for dealing with price objection?
  7. Do you have a system for preparing sales proposals?
  8. Do you have a system for following-up?
  9. Do you have a system for securing the commitment?
Which of these pieces (systems) are you missing? Congratulations if you already have these NINE systems.
How many more sales could you and your team make if you had a system for each of the major steps in your selling process?

A Customized Sales Process Is For You If….

  • You are just getting started, you know and love what you do but you don’t know how to sell it
  • You are an established business but your sales have plateaued
  • You have a sales team who just aren’t performing
  • You are a solopreneur/one man band, a large company or anywhere in between!

Biggest Issues Businesses Face:

  • Inconsistency in sales – Which means an inability to budget accurately
  • Lack of sales systems and structure – Which means reduced closing ratios
  • Poor client management systems – Which means lost clients
  • Poor reporting and measurement systems – Which means a lack of accountability
  • Lack of a detailed sales plan – Which means average results
  • Salespeople spending all their time servicing existing and favourite clients – Which means a lack of growth
  • Lack of structured prospecting activity – Which means inconsistent growth.

Benefits of a Customized Sales Process:

  • Systematic process for selling – Which means more consistent sales
  • Development of a prospecting system – Which means increased numbers of qualified prospects through referrals
  • Increased closing ratios – Which means most efficient use of time and increased profitability
  • Reduced sales cycle – Which means most efficient use of time and increased profitability
  • System for maximising existing accounts – Which means reduced costs of sales
  • A complete presentation structure – Which means increased motivation and confidence of the sales team

Equipping Tools for Improvement

By equipping participants with the tools to improve their performance we are able to improve the measurable results for them.

This also lifts their confidence and personal satisfaction.

We know that confidence in salespeople comes from having a good grounding in product knowledge and sales processes and systems to follow.

This in turn creates enthusiasm – the key element for all successful salespeople.

Studies have shown that at any one time only:

  • 5-10% of your potential market are actively looking for a solution that you can provide.
  • The other 90% whilst they may have a need for your products and services are not actively looking.

This means the greatest potential for growth for your business comes from proactively working on this part of the market.

Sales Impact specialises in sales systems and process training for business owners and salespeople across New Zealand.

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