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I first met Brett from Sales Impact nearly three years ago. I’d come from a Production and Operations background in the print industry with no background in Sales. I thought (like a lot of people) that Sales just involved drinking coffee and talking lots – how wrong could I have been!

I’d been given no formal sales training and realized after a while that I was failing to achieve my budgets. After talking to a client and mentor who had just finished one of Brett’s courses they suggested I might benefit from talking to Brett and initiated a meeting. Best thing I could have done.

I realized the old adage is true – “the only thing that happens by accident is accidents” you need a process and you need it to become routine.

I subsequently completed Brett’s Sales Academy course and not only did it give me a significant boost in confidence but it also gave me some systems to work with and some clarity around how I should be dealing with clients – especially things not to do.
– Don’t cold call – Don’t talk price – Don’t talk about yourself and what you and your company can do – instead ask relevant questions about the client and their business.

Of all of these things ‘don’t talk price’ has probably been the most useful for me in helping advance my sales conversions. Previously I would just fire off an email with quotes when they were requested.

Now I try (whenever possible) to present in person so that the conversation isn’t purely around the bottom line $$ figure but about all the other value-adds that I believe we can provide.

All of this helped me get back on track so that I’m now achieving my budgets and more importantly enjoying the process and my work significantly more.
I would encourage anyone – even if you’re a grizzled veteran of a Sales Team who just needs reinvigorating, or brand new to the game looking for some processes and systems to talk to Brett.

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Hamish Webber Account Manager

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