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I first did the Sales Development Programme with Brett Burgess back in 2009 in a previous role.

Since then, I have kept in touch with Brett who has always been more than helpful and shown interest in my sales roles.

I have been in my present role for 10 years and whilst sales have always been consistent, I wanted to double my sales for this coming financial year.

I took the opportunity at the end of 2021 to do the Sales Impact ACP Workshop. This was fortnightly one on one sessions for 3 months with Brett.

From the very first meeting, I implemented some of the learning and these were just a few of the sales highlights:

In January 2022, I met a client after only 2 meetings and closed a high value sale

In February 2022, got a new lead, followed the process and Needs Analysis and “sold” an appointment to meet at our factory. They visited on Tuesday the following week and paid a deposit before leaving office.

March 2022 – closed 2 more sets of sales.

These successful meetings and increase in conversion of sales since the start of 2022, have come about because of meeting with Brett to implement a better sales process, focusing on working with more qualified leads and better time management.

Byron Fergus Global Sales Manager

Sales Impact specialises in sales systems and process training for business owners and salespeople across New Zealand.

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