Sales Systems Development

Our flagship training that will give you a complete A-Z sales process you can follow to get consistent and predictable business growth.

Whether you are an experienced salesperson, or have never sold anything before.

Who is this for?

New business owners/startups who need to generate sales and don’t know where to start.

Business owners who know what their industry inside and want to grow, but don’t know how.

Corporates and established companies who have sales teams that aren’t performing or could be doing better.

Our training covers the five key areas of sales:

  • Goal Planning – Where do you see your business in five years, ten years time, what are the steps you need to take right now to hit your goals.
  • Time Management – Managing your time so you can fit in time to meet with potential customers and still run your business.
  • Prospecting – How to build trust and get high quality pre-qualified referrals from the clients you actually want to work with (without cold calling).
  • Sales Calls and Presentations – How to present your solution in a way that means more closed sales without having to rely on manipulation or being pushy.
  • Client Retention and Growth – Manage your client base so they stay with you for longer, buy more from you and become lifetime customers.

We work to your time frame

The program can be run over either

  • 4 x 4 hour workshops run over 4 days or 4 weeks
  • or 8 x 2 hour workshops.
  • We also have a two full day option for large sales teams.

We work with you in house or virtually via Zoom.


Outcomes That Work For You

Before we begin training, you will receive a training outcomes assessment so we can get a clear picture of your specific needs and which areas require more focus.

We will also work with you to create a personal business growth goal to work towards as you go through the training. This creates a measurable objective and a return on investment for your training costs.

To put it another way, our clients see results so quickly that the majority have paid their training costs back before they are even halfway through our programme.

Our training works.

Customised Sales Tools

All the tools contained within the program will be customized to the your industry/niche whether it is

  • Phone guides for making appointments
  • Key questions and presentation tools

Even if you are busy right now, we will help you plan out the next 12 months of your sales pipeline so you don’t finish your current projects and find yourself wondering where the next job will come from.

It Works No Matter What Your Industry

The great thing about our training is that it works for any industry because it is based on human psychology and a process that never changes.

This training works for you even if you already know how to sell but feel you might be missing those ‘marginal sales’ that can make our break your business.

It works even if you don’t see yourself as a ‘salesperson’ maybe you are more introverted and are unsure of how to deal with customers.

Don’t worry we have you covered, our process will give you the confidence and structure you need to accelerate your business growth.

Post Training Follow Up And Accountability

A challenge for many Sales Managers and Business Owners investing in training is how to measure the long term results of the training.

As part of our implementation, you will have 3 coaching calls in the three months following their training to ensure any questions you may have are answered and you are receiving all the support you need.

Yourself and or your team will have reinforcement projects to complete in the 3 months post training period to make sure you use and implement the process.

Assignments are reviewed after that 3 month period with the participant and his/her Manager.

A mentoring pack is supplied to the Sales Manager/Business Owner on completion of the program to ensure ongoing personal development of the individual participants.

There is also ongoing support available in our Createsales Facebook group where you can network, share referrals and ask any questions you may have.

For Sales Managers And Business Owners With Sales Teams

We encourage the Sales Managers and business owners to participate in the training as well as their teams.

By doing this they gain a full understanding of all the tools and systems that their team members will be using.

Another major advantage of this is that they gain a full insight as to how their team members think and approach their sales, this makes it easier to hold your team accountable.

Sales Impact specialises in sales systems and process training for business owners and salespeople across New Zealand.

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