As you are aware Cupolex Solutions is a small but rapidly expanding business with over 35 years sales experience through the company we did not think that we needed someone to come in and show us how to do our jobs….turns out we were wrong!

We have had many successes during your training and continue to do so with using the tools in the toolbox.

GJ Gardiner was our first example of this, we used a COI (Centre of influence) to get our first contact with the owners then went through our new sales interview process that highlighted what they were looking to achieve using Cupolex. I believe that it was this structure that ultimately won us the business and it wasn’t until the order was placed that they asked us how much it was!

We have had success with sales merchants also ITM came to us from another COI and we meet them along with a couple of others and although pricing was on their minds we again used a structured call which brought to light the issues they already had and they far outweighed what we were able to provide as a solution.

Its not often from a sales point of view that you don’t have to make cold calls anymore or that the price conversation is not at the start of a sales interview or that all the sales team are on the same page of a structured process.

We were skeptical about the training and the cost as what could you possibly show us that we did not already know! Turns out you showed us a lot of things we knew we just we not using them properly and now any new staff that join us will have to do this training and we speak to a lot of our clients recommending they do the same.

Once again thanks for showing us what we were missing out on and why, thanks for giving us a structure to work with that’s not a shot gun effect and thanks for your time and patience.

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Malcolm Cottle National Sales and Operations Manager

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