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When I started the sales course with Brett I was hoping to pick up a few useful tips on how to improve my sales. Now that I have completed the course I am absolutely blown away by the impact it has had on my sales results. I have gone from being a below average achiever to being a consistently top earner for my nation wide company.

Not only am I now a top achiever, I am also more organised and confident because I have a process I can follow. I am no longer flying by the seat of my pants because my process is measurable. The needs analysis system helps me uncover the needs of my clients and prospects, which not only helps me sell more, but also helps the client uncover their weak points so that I can provide them with exactly what they need.

Doing the usually cold calling to try and set up appointments to achieve my sales target was not only painful for myself, but it it was obviously just as annoying for the prospect I was calling. Thankfully this is all a thing of the past and I no longer waste hours of my time for very little return on investment.

My sales results have more than doubled since I started working with Brett. I no longer feel like a salesman, I am now a professional providing solutions. This has been a turning point in my sales career and I can’t thank Brett enough.

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Kelly Ninow Hawkes Bay Area Manager

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