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I recently changed professional direction and took on the position of National Sales Manager of a newly formed animal genetics company.At the same time sales staff recruitments were made and resulted in two of three newly appointed employees undertaking the SIG 8 week training course.One of these employees was a very new appointee with limited sales experience and the other was me = very similar.
Dealings prior to and during this course can be summarized as:


Extremely well organized with “our “ time appreciated and valued by Brett which in turn elicited the same reception.
Well documented with electronic and hardcopy notes .
Contributing to significant learnings,behavioural changes and resultant successes.

Successes include:
The “new” appointee becoming the top selling sales staff member within their 1st 9 months and within a challenging sales environment. It is my belief that this is due to a structure and selling procedure that the SIG system teaches.

Win back of previous clients that have come back to the fold due to a holistic service of selling on features and benefits.

The importance of punctuality, 1st impressions,basic courtesy and how much we all appreciate dealing with well prepared, affable people.

To us this was immediate validation of the necessity of such structure and procedure .

Our company will continue with Brett and the SIG programme and put through more staff members.

I have no hesitation at all in recommending Brett and his programme to others …in fact I am doing this right now.

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Richard Lee National Sales Manager

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