We invited Brett to work with our CB Norwood Sales and After Sales teams after identifying a requirement to standardise our approach to selling, and create structure around the sales function of our business. This was identified after mixed performances and results across the large number of sales people employed, with often the reasoning offered being the variance in the regions and markets that the sales people work in contributing to the mixed performance.

Brett questioned this theory and his training provided the structured and standardised approach we required for our sales and after sales functions across multiple nationwide locations, from both a wholesale and retail perspective. This has enabled us to better measure our sales results and also create real and relevant benchmarks, while markedly improving sales performance.
The training was tailored to our business and industry, and also to the retail and wholesale functions which have quite different roles to play. This meant the training resonated well with the participants and was relevant.

The staff trained was of various age and experience, including some who ‘knew it all’. Brett’s approach ensured they were all fully engaged, and he opened their eyes to many things they hadn’t considered before. I believe Brett’s style and approach is the single biggest factor in the success of this training, that being his ability to get alongside the participants and use their experience and knowledge while also steering their thinking.

Feedback from the participants has ranged from being ‘very good’ to ‘the best training I have ever attended’. Highest praise came from an older staff member who has ‘attended many sales training sessions and was very skeptical about attending this one. Afterwards I felt energized and motivated not just because of the content but the way the training was delivered. Easily one of the best ones.’

We were very pleased with the results from the training and the real and measurable benefits it has delivered to the Norwood business. I can only hope this reference serves to convey well enough the high regard we have for Brett, and the benefits the Sales Impact Group program has delivered.

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Garry Watt National Sales Manager

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