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I completed my first sales training with Sales Impact Group in 2006, so the opportunity to have a ‘refresher’ with you was well overdue. The purpose of attending the refresher was to gather any new ideas that I could use, recap on what I had learnt previously and to make sure that I was still using the sales system in an effective manner. I have found that referral business is the best generator of leads for me and I have based my sales model on that.

The refresher allowed me to stand back and look at what I was doing and make small adjustments to my sales process. As a result of that I was able to incorporate those new ideas in a proposal I did the next day which lead to a new client. That sale will pay for the investment in the refresher course 10 times over!

So i’d suggest if anyone wants to make sure that hey are maximising their sales process I’d suggest they attend one of your refresher courses. By not attending they may not be maximising their sales opportunities which means reduced income – not a position that makes smart business sense.

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