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I first met Brett in 2004 after I was told by someone who had undertaken his training that it was the best sales training they had ever had, and it changed their life.

As the founder of Quinovic Property Management in Hawkes Bay, I sent my partner to do the course and we soon found it made a huge difference with our business growth increasing significantly, tripling our number of new clients in the following twelve months.

What is even more surprising is that we were able to significantly reduce our marketing budget.

In 2010 when I launched Pukeko Rental Managers I made it a requirement that all new franchisees needed to complete sales training with Brett at Sales Impact.

I have found the fasted growing franchisees are the one that implement the training they received from Brett.

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David Pearse Managing Director

Sales Impact specialises in sales systems and process training for business owners and salespeople across New Zealand.

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