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Thank you for your help in running the in house sales course for our team, your flexibility was great being able to start straight up at 6:30am every Tuesday morning and work through it with the team in house for the hour meant we could put out full attention into the training.

As we had just taken on a new salesman, so it was a great opportunity to get all the team on the same playing field and aligned, all using the same processes, implementing new processes, encouraging each of us to break our old habits and move forward in ways that will help us as a company.

Being altogether as a small team if we didn’t agree on a process, we were able to discuss each point and reason it out, come to a concussion and implement it or leave it.

Our main take-away point that we’re using today is the COI concept. This is very important to us in the current business world, and if you don’t use it yourself, I recommend you ask Brett about it today.

Having the tools (manuals) on hand were great too, plenty of pages but working through it each week meant we could keep our own notes in the book and on file for later use – which we still look back on!

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Martyn Currie Sales Manager

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