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In 2014 I started to follow my heart and passion for photography, in particular, commercial/business related photography and gradually move away from a long-term career in Civil Engineering design. Simon Cartwright Photography was born and became my full-time career, and passion from the Autumn of 2014.

Prior to starting my own business, I had zero experience of sales or developing a business from the ground up. This presented many challenges over the coming months and left me facing an increasingly steep learning curve.

Luckily, I was introduced to Brett and the Sales Impact team by my Wife, Mandy from Grow HR in Hastings who had previously completed Brett’s sales course and raved about it.

When I first met Brett, I found him to be a great, down to earth guy who didn’t speak in lingo which a non- sales person could understand. Brett’s approach to sales was just what I needed, didn’t go against my own values and provided a sales process which is easy to follow and doesn’t rely on aggressive sales behaviour.

Upon completing the course, I gained many new skills which have certainly benefitted both my own personal development and confidence and also the development of my business. Without Brett’s training, I doubt Simon Cartwright Photography would be developing at the rate it is today.

Brett encouraged me to network with like-minded business people who are also looking to grow their business, and of the need to maintain and develop those relationships. Brett and his team facilitate weekly network meetings and monthly mini-workshops to help develop those relationships and provide that all-important backup should you have any questions.

There are many sales tools which Brett teaches. One particularly important one for me is maintaining an up to date ‘prospect’ list and regularly emailing out to your network a ‘Top 10’ list of people or companies who you would like an introduction to. After all, who is better placed to introduce you to a business than somebody in your network who may already have a connection to that person or company – they are your Marketing team!

I first sent out my Top 10 list to around 25 individuals. Out of the 10 companies who I requested an introduction to, 3 people within my network came forward with an introduction to 3 different companies. I also quickly realised that there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ meeting. Even if a meeting with a prospect doesn’t convert into actual billable work, your network of contacts and potential referrals just got a little bigger!

Simon Cartwright Photography within two years has been working with a growing list of companies including local councils, manufacturers, web developers, marketing agencies and property developers.

Many of these clients have been the result of referrals within my network. Brett’s course has certainly paid for itself and I would recommend you talking to Brett if you feel your sales efforts need a helping hand.

Many thanks to Brett and the Sales Impact team!

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